Our Planet Reviewed - Expedition Papua New-guinea

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Financial partners

Papua New Guinea

The French Pacific Fund


Founded in 1985, The French Pacific Fund is dedicated to economic, social and cultural cooperation and is overseen and funded by the French Foreign Affairs Ministry’s Permanent Pacific Bureau. 

Through local actions, the Fund promotes the regional integration of New Caledonia, French Polynesia and Wallis and Futuna. Programs are carried out by these three local authorities, with the support of the Pacific states, two major regional organizations (CPS and PROE), the Oceanian civil society, research institutes, universities and the private sector. 

The Fund’s focuses reflect those of other French local authorities: sustainable development (health, environment, agriculture and economy), training, education, youth and social programs, sports, scientific and academic cooperation, Pacific island heritage and the French language.


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The Government of New Caledonia

During the French Pacific Fund steering committee meeting of 9 February 2012, the Government of New Caledonia offered to add to the funds granted by the Permanent Pacific Bureau in support of the Papua New Guinea 2012-2013 expedition, thereby joining in the efforts of the large-scale scientific initiative Our Planet Reviewed. The size of the grant underscores New Caledonia’s interest in the conservation of the planet’s biodiversity, particularly in the vast Pacific region. Thus, after providing support for the Santo 2006 expedition to the Republic of Vanuatu, New Caledonia is supporting the Papua New Guinea 2012-2013 expedition. This project prefigures a similar endeavour planned for New Caledonia in 2014-2015 and provides New Caledonia students with the chance to participate in this expedition and get parataxonomy training. 


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The Reef Foundation

The Reef Foundation is a not-for-profit organization constituted for the purpose of supporting all aspects of coral reef research with a special focus on taxonomic diversity. The Foundation has supported research throughout the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Ocean reef systems, as well as educational courses on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The Foundation is committed to developing accurate scientific measures of coral reef biodiversity that can demonstrate system change due to both natural and anthropogenic causes.


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Pour le volet pédagogique


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