Our Planet Reviewed - Expedition Papua New-guinea


Technical partners


Institute of Research for Development (IRD)

Created in 1944, the Institute of Research for Development is a French public establishment which is scientific and technical in nature and which has almost 2200 officers. With a presence in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the French tropical overseas territories, the IRD carries out research, training and expertise activities, the aim of which is to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of countries in the Southern hemisphere. The IRD’s researchers work in close collaboration with its partners and mainly study ecosystems and the environment, sustainable management of living resources and the development of companies and health. Within the framework of the Mozambique-Madagascar expedition, the IRD is assisting the MNHN’s scientific teams by placing one of its two seagoing oceanographic research vessels at their disposal. The ANTEA is a catamaran which sails around the tropical Atlantic and certain areas of the Indian Ocean; it is a multi-purpose vessel which acts as a support to research on ocean-climate relationships, production mechanisms and ocean dynamics, the monitoring or development of fisheries or marine geoscience.


Created in 1972, the UNIMA group is a shrimping pioneer in Madagascar. With a workforce of 3500, Unima is the island’s leading exporter. The group owns a wild shrimp fishing company (Nossi-Be fisheries) and an aquaculture company (AQUALMA). The Group is highly aware of the social and environmental issues at stake and is heavily involved in sustainable development, particularly through a new partnership with the WWF. UNIMA farmed shrimp bears the Red Label as a sign of quality. This is a global first in the shrimp world. Eco-certification procedures are underway for fishing and aquaculture. Today, UNIMA is pursuing its  envolvement with the environment by placing one of its shrimping boats, the Miriki, at the disposal of “Our Planet Reviewed” scientists.

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Installée en France en nom propre depuis 1975, Air Madagascar opère à destination du marché français depuis le début des années 60. Avec un effectif de plus de 1500 personnes, la compagnie Air Madagascar couvre un large réseau de 50 destinations dans 11 pays. Elle propose actuellement des liaisons non-stop entre la France et Madagascar au départ de Roissy-CDG et au départ de Marseille-Provence. En plus de ses vols sans escale sur Antananarivo, capitale de Madagascar et hub de la compagnie nationale malgache, Air Madagascar vient de  mettre en service une nouvelle liaison sans escale reliant Paris à Nosy Be, avec continuation sur Moroni, aux Comores. Air Madagascar contribue à l’Année Internationale de la Biodiversité en renforçant son soutien aux Madagascar National Parks et en  faisant voyager les équipes scientifiques du MNHN, leur faisant bénéficier de conditions privilégiées.

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Port d'Ehoala

Opened since the 8Th of July 2009, the new Port d'Ehoala in Fort Dauphin is used by Rio Tinto QMM to export the product of mining. As a public service, this new port is also improving accessibility in the Anosy Region, opening up economic development opportunities in the region and in the context of globalization welcoming any kind of vessel, including cruise ships. .
Rio Tinto and the Malagasy state have financed the construction of Port d’Ehoala respectively at up to US $ 240 millions for Rio Tinto and US $35 millions for the Malagasy State through the Anosy Integrated Growth Pole (IGP), a World Bank-funded project.
Its technical features:

  • deep water port (15,75 meters at the main berth) avec un break water with length  625 meters,  3 berths for all vessels.
  • ISPS code (International Ship and Port Security),
  • Space availability of 400 hectares for investors,
  • Water and electricity ,  
  • Private management.

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